We know what you’re thinking. It’s hard for us to believe as well. Republicans at Yale exist, and it’s been said that we’re the most active collegiate political group in the country.
         Our members have worked on local, congressional, and Presidential campaigns and have been featured in media outlets including CNN, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Politico, the Associated Press, and — of course — the Yale Daily News.
         To give you an idea of what sorts of things we’re up to, last year, we campaigned for Linda McMahon and Scott Brown for Senate and Mitt Romney for president, organized voter-registration drives and election-day GOTV efforts, welcomed Republican speakers to campus, and hosted numerous social events, including the annual Yale College Republicans vs. Yale Democrats pong tournament.
      In Fall 2013, we launched and ran Paul Chandler’s campaign for New Haven Ward One Alderman (he was the first Republican candidate for the post in over 25 years!), hosted policy discussions with other Yale undergraduate organizations, and welcomed Republican state legislators to campus.
       We are excited about the plans we have for the coming semester. Check back here to see what we’re up to!
        We look forward to working with you during so transformative a time for our organization, our university, and our country.

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