YCR Applauds Paul Chandler and His Campaign Staff

JacobGeiger_PaulChandler-4-630x795The Yale College Republicans would like to congratulate Paul Chandler on his good showing in the New Haven Ward One Aldermanic elections earlier this month. Running against the union-backed Democratic incumbent, Paul won nearly 40% of the vote in the heavily Democratic district which contains 95% Yale students. We applaud both Paul’s dedication to and his knowledge of New Haven, and we hope that his candidacy lays the foundation for more independent-minded voices to run for office in New Haven city politics.

Ben Mallet ’16, YCR’s political director who also served as campaign manger for Chandler’s campaign, said, “Many dismissed us as a joke, but after three months of hard campaigning, city and national endorsements, successful fundraising and heated debate, our candidate Paul Chandler, received an unprecedented 40% of the vote in a ward where Democrats outnumber Republicans 10:1. At the first full campaign staff meeting we held back in August, I told my team that we were in this race to make history — and that’s what we did.”

None of this would have been possible without the dedication of the many Yale College Republicans members who worked on the campaign staff. Ben said, “It was nothing short of an honor to work with such a dedicated, talented group of students from both the YCR and beyond to accomplish this historic result.”

The Yale College Republicans will be continuing their political activism efforts in the next semester. Ben said, “Of course, this campaign is only the beginning of what the YCR plan to achieve. With competitive races in Connecticut next year and midterm season around the corner, we will be getting involved in a lot of local elections. Please do get in touch with us if you’d be interested in getting involved!”

Want more information about Yale College Republicans or our political activities? Contact President Austin Schaefer at james.schaefer@yale.edu.


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